Omin Basic Snooker Cue One Piece


Omin Basic Snooker Cue One Piece


1 machine splice  – The perfect House Cue – No Extension joint


Warning: Its only one Piece, not 3/4 like the pictures!

New Pictures are coming soon, sorry for that


Most Cues are built to order (BTO), so they are special manufactured for your order.

Delivery Time for BTO Cues are around 3 Weeks.


Warning: There are Chinese Copys of this Cue on the maket.
These cheap (often sold same price than our original) cues are all machine made,
and not compareable with Original O´min cues made in Thailand in any way.
Please check out our Blog for the information how to identify a chinese copy.
We only sell original products from Minbury, Thailand.

Gewicht 2 kg
Größe 5 × 5 × 155 cm


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