Omin Classic Snooker Cue 3/4


Omin Basic Snooker Cue

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Omin Classic Snooker Cue

2 Piece Version with 3/4 seperation.


Hand Made.

4 hand made splices.


This O´min cue is hand made in Bangkok, Thailand.


Most Cues are built to order (BTO), so they are special manufactured for your order.

Delivery Time for BTO Cues are around 3 Weeks.

But you are lucky, this Cue is ON STOCK in EUROPE.


Warning: There are Chinese Copys of this Cue on the maket.
These cheap (often sold same price than our original) cues are all machine made,
and not compareable with Original O´min cues made in Thailand in any way.
Please check out our Blog for the information how to identify a chinese copy.
We only sell original products from Minbury, Thailand.

Gewicht 2 kg
Größe 5 × 5 × 155 cm


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